Ready, Set, Go – A Coat Story

Time to get down to business

Now that you have some inspiration and you have done a little bit of planning, it is time to apply that to your pattern. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. This week we will show you Beatrice’s pattern markings and pattern adjustments. This picture on the right shows the design from Beatrice’s inspiration photo that she will position on the back of her jacket.

Another thing to consider before you transfer pattern markings for your design is the fit of your jacket. In a multi-sized pattern, like the Tamarack Jacket, you can grade your pattern pieces to change sizes at different parts of your body. That is the joy and satisfaction you get constructing your own garments. The picture on the left shows how Beatrice will make adjustments to the pattern to grade the seam from a size 8 to a size 10. To get a clearer view, right mouse click on the image and select ‘open image in new tab.’
After adjusting the pattern for size, Beatrice has made pattern markings for her design along the center back of the jacket pattern piece. These markings and measurements can then be transferred on the Quiltsmart Pix Smart Grid interfacing during construction. This picture on the right is showing the same pattern markings on the hood add-on pattern piece. When placing the markings on the two pattern pieces that will ‘match up’ during construction it is recommended that you place them together overlapping seam allowance so that you transfer your markings evenly.
Another adjustment Beatrice has made on her pattern is on the front pattern piece. The same sizing adjustments that were made to the back have also been made on the front. You may also want to transfer your pocket placement onto your front piece at this time so that can incorporate that into your design.

To see any of these pictures larger to decipher the markings, right mouse on the image and select ‘open in new window (or tab).’ Please let us know how you are enjoying these blog posts and what you would like to see going forward.

Next week, we will see how Wendy is transferring her inspiration and pattern adjusts to her jacket. In the meantime, please post your inspiration, fabric choices and progress on your social media and include:


Here is a sneak peek at JoAnn’s progress for her jacket. Isn’t that fun? Can’t wait to see how these different sized strips of geese will come together.

Looking forward to seeing your posts. Tune in next week 🙂