Adding to the Coat Story

First up this week, some product updates and registration options. Maker Savvy will be receiving some Quiltsmart Jacket packages early this week and we currently have received both sizes of the Tamarack Pattern. What perfect timing! In order to ensure we have enough product for everyone who would like to join us, please register for our Sew-A-Long. It is free and you can jump in anytime.

Beatrice’s Story

The image on the right is a reminder of the fabrics that Beatrice has chosen for her Quilted Coat. She first became interested in the Quilted Coat Story after seeing all the postings on Instagram. “Quilted Jackets or jackets made from old quilts have become quite popular” she said, “and some of them are really creative.”
To set the wheels in motion, Beatrice gathered inspiration and started a Pinterest board to create a story board of ideas. “I was also reminded of a quilt that I admired in the book Modern Rainbow and wondered if I could incorporate that in my jacket somehow.” She is inspired by the quilting in this particular quilt and the look of big hand stitches.
Beatrice is also drawn to simple lines and modern design elements. Grainline Studios published an add on pack to their Tamarack Jacket pattern that includes a stand up collar and hood. Now she is looking at ways to incorporate those in her design. As you can see from these pictures taken from her Pinterest Board she has gathered some great ideas and well on her way to starting the sewing part of her jacket.
Wendy’s Coat Story

Wendy has a bit of a history when it comes to turning quilts into jackets. “The quilting bug hit me hard. I wanted to learn everything and right away. Always eager to move unto the next technique I would turn my quilt into a piece of clothing,” she said, “I was very intrigued about making my own fabric to cut my jacket piece out of.”
While studying old textiles and working clothing she was introduced to Japanese Boro Work Coats. These garments where used by peasant farmers in the fields. Boro refers to the practice of reworking and repairing textiles (often clothes or bedding) through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use. Traditionally they were handstitched with large running stitches to hold the patches in place.
“Kaffe Fasset showcased a quilt with Boro inspiration in his book ‘Shots and Strips’ and I immediately wanted to recreate it.” Wendy added, “When Tim Holtz released his Abandoned line, that was the ‘urban’ fabric I wanted to use for this jacket.” Wendy will also incorporate both machine and hand stitching. She will use Acorn Hand Dyed Threads for the hand stitching and is very excited to create a bit of a modern twist to the traditional design.
In 2020 there was an exhibition of Japanese Boro Textiles at the Japan Society in New York City. The two coat images shown on this page came from that exhibition. You can take a peek at some photos and history of this exhibition here. If you right click on these images and select ‘open image in new tab’ you will see the hand stitching on these pieces.

Sew… That’s our story and inspiration. Are you ready to start? Next week, both Beatrice and Wendy will show their progress and share some tips on creating their fabric.