Halloween Bash

Win Prizes with our online and instore Scavenger Hunt

After visiting PumpkInferno at Upper Canada Village this past weekend, I was inspired to host a Halloween Celebration.  I have always loved Halloween even as an adult.  While I am not a big fan of bobbing for apples, a good scavenger hunt is always a welcomed activity at the end of October.

On Wednesday, October 31st, we are all about treats, no tricks.  Select a treat at the cash and if you pull one of the select chocolate treats you will receive 15% off your purchase.  Join in our scavenger hunt (online hunt items are included below) and you could win a $50 Maker Savvy Gift Certificate.   Share our email with a friend, or our Facebook post and you will increase your chance of winning.  How does it work?  Find the answers to the Maker Savvy Scavenger Hunt Quiz questions on our website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube Pod cast.  Reply to this email with your answers by 9pm on Wednesday October 31st.  All correct entries will be entered into the gift certificate draw.  Forward this email to friend and copy us to increase your changes of winning.

In-Store Scavenger Hunt Quiz questions will be available at the front cash on Wednesday starting at 10am.  Our store hours will be extended on Wednesday October 31st to 9:00pm so that you can visit the store after the kids are finished their ‘trick and treating’.  Social Knit-Working will also be happening in the store that day and extended to 9pm.

Maker Savvy Online Scavenger Hunt Quiz Questions:

1. What anniversary is Bernina celebrating? Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

2. What measurement refers to how many stitches across and how many rows down fit in a 4 x 4 inch square (10 x 10 cm)?  Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

3. How many categories of classes do we have?  Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

4. What discount do Maker Savvy Club members enjoy on their club days?
Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

5. What November class involves a waterproofing technique?
Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

6. How many sew days are offered in November?
Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

7. How many different quilt classes are offered in November?
Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

8. Name one of the books reviewed in the September Maker Savvy Podcast on YouTube?

9. Which Maker Savvy Instagram post received the most love?

10. What is the Maker Savvy Facebook cover photo?

11. Who is the in-house Longarm Quilter at Maker Savvy?
Hint:  http://www.makersavvy.ca

Have fun and we can’t wait to see your responses!

Don’t forget to share with a friend who would like to join in on the fun.  And don’t forget to stop by the store on Wednesday October 31st for your treat.

Happy Halloween,

Wendy, JoAnn, Francine and Cassie