at the Maker Savvy studio

Do you have finished quilt tops that need to be quilted in a way that shows the love and attention you put into the piecing? Don’t hesitate to come in and chat with Beth to discuss options for finishing your treasured works of art.

Beth offers a range of services from edge to edge all over designs or complex custom designs. Edge to edge designs are created with free motion quilting or pantographs. More complex custom designs take into account the purpose of the quilt, fabric choices and the quilt pattern to achieve a unique texture and tribute to the recipient of the quilt.

Please come into the store to discuss quilting options with Beth and see samples of her quilting. You can also contact her by email at or to make inquiries at the store, phone 613-319-6757. I look forward to seeing you at the store!

Please visit our page dedicated to Beth’s Quilt Works by clicking here