at the Maker Savvy studio

Do you have finished quilt tops that need to be quilted in a way that shows the love and attention you put into the piecing? Don’t hesitate to come in and chat with Emi to discuss options for finishing your treasured works of art.

Emi specializes in digital edge to edge quilting and enjoys adding another element of design to quilts. She started her longarming business Emi & Ko Studio in 2018 while living in Texas, and made her way to Ottawa for her husband’s job. Emi and Ko is a play on the words Emi and Company, with “ko” meaning child in Japanese, since Emi’s four children are a huge inspiration for her work.

After getting married, quilting became a creative outlet for Emi to positively cope with the frequent changes and challenges that came with being an Armed Forces family. As a young mother she started with making quilts and other hand sewn items for her children, but quickly became a part of the sewing and quilting communities in each of the places she lived.

Emi fell in love with color, pattern and textiles as a young girl in Japan, and a quilting seed was planted when she participated in a quilt club in Grade 3. It wasn’t until over a decade later that the little seed grew and blossomed into a passion. Quilting has become an important part of her daily life to fuel her creativity and connect with other makers.

To see Emi’s work and to keep up-to-date with her creativity, visit her website at or follow her on social media @emiandkostudio.

Please come into the store to discuss quilting options with Emi and see samples of her quilting.